Getting a Mortgage Agreement In Principle via The Mortgage Bureau could save you time, money and stress!

How many times have you heard that somebody missed out on their ideal property because they had not arranged their mortgage on time or lost a mortgage “race”?

With the possible introduction of the “Sellers Pack”, where onus is being placed on the seller (by preparing surveys and searches) to facilitate and speed up the whole house buying process, the next logical step is to ensure that purchasers are also prepared. This has resulted in the introduction of The Mortgage Agreement In Principle by mortgage lenders.

The Mortgage Bureau are in the ideal position to arrange this for you, since:

1. We have instant access to every mortgage scheme on the market providing an “open-book” approach to mortgage advice.

2. You can walk in to any estate agency knowing that your mortgage offer is well on the way and at the same time, not compromising your bargaining position by “keeping your financial cards up your sleeve”.