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Introducing Your Local Independent Mortgage Advisor

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Looking for a mortgage does not have to be difficult. Sometimes it can feel like the most challenging and time-consuming task, especially when you’re trying to compare lenders. There are a huge number of lenders on the market, but many people opt to go with familiar names such as Halifax and Barclays because it seems like the ‘easier’ option.

The Mortgage Bureau is one of the most reputable mortgage brokers in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire & East Anglia; we set out to find you the best deals and provide you with impartial advice, so you can save a significant sum of money and time.

Based on your own personal financial situation, we can help you find the most suitable mortgage that is in line with your needs and budget. Whether you are a first-time buyer, investing in new property, looking to re-mortgage your current property or even looking to purchase a second home.

If now is not the perfect time to buy a house, it could be the perfect time to start planning. 

Your ability to hold your property for a lifetime is a direct result of a broker’s service to find the most suitable mortgage deal from the whole of market that is tailor-made to your mortgage requirements.

The outburst of 370,000 first time mortgages completed last year shows that the broker market is more than competent to assist you in buying your dream house.

Truly Independent Advice

Independent of all mortgage lenders

Independent of all lenders means that we have maximum choice of mortgage providers to choose from ensuring you have the best product to suit you.

Independent of estate agents

Independent of estate agents means your financial information is private and confidential thereby placing you in a better position to negotiate in what you pay for your home

Independent of all life assurance providers

Independent of all life assurance providers means our advisors can “tailor make”your protection to suit your needs from the whole market place. You can be covered for more by paying less.

The Mortgage Bureau

The Mortgage Bureau
How can we Help?

First Time Buyer Mortgage

The first time you buy a house is probably the biggest financial decision of your life as a residential property […]

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Home Movers Mortgage

Moving home is the perfect time to review your mortgage arrangements as it often involves trading up and taking out […]

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Right to Buy Advice

The right to buy is not available to just anyone. The Mortgage Bureau experts are specialists in helping people buy […]

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Buy to Let Mortgages

We specialise in Buy to Let Mortgages and help our clients to build profitable property portfolios as part of their […]

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Reduce Mortgage Costs/and or Raise Capital/Debt Consolidation

If you need or wish to reduce your mortgage costs because your initial deal has expired or perhaps your other […]

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Problem getting a Mortgage? Self Employed, Adverse Credit

Some people are permanently discouraged from applying for a mortgage due to a bad experience.  They may have been told […]

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Commercial Mortgage Advice

The difference between a commercial mortgage and a residential or a buy to let mortgage is that the borrower is […]

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Life Assurance Advice

Most lenders insist on there being life assurance in place to pay off your mortgage in the event of death, […]

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Critical Illness, Income Protection

Most mortgage lenders will wish to see whether you can pay your mortgage if disaster strikes.  They normally insist on […]

Buildings Insurance

Most mortgage lenders will insist that you have building’s insurance to protect their investment.  This is the case for residential […]

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    Mortgages Made Easier

    The Mortgage Bureau is an independent mortgage broker that will help you find the right mortgage for you.

    Our qualified mortgage brokerage offers:

    • A One Stop Shop effectively holding the client's hand from the undertaking of initial documentation for our clients right through to the completion of the mortgage transaction.
    • Independent of all lenders , tailor making the right mortgage solution for each client.
    • A vital link between the client, lender, solicitor and all parties involved in the mortgage process. You relax while we take care of the hassle.
    • Guiding the client through the mortgage maze
    • Preparation of clients “pre-offer” to speed up the process once the client finds a property
    • Whole of Market Protection Advice ensures clients are adequately protected to give security no matter what life throws at them
    • Independent of estate agents putting clients in a stronger negotiating position
    • Lifetime mortgage service to ensure clients always have the best mortgage throughout the whole term
    • Mortgage cost reduction strategies
    • Personal financial planning advice

    Applying for the right mortgage is a big financial decision. One that you don't have to go through on your own. With the advice of a professional mortgage broker, you can navigate your path to becoming a homeowner to get the best deals from the whole of the mortgage market without worrying about whether you have made the right decision.

    "Excellent advice on the mortgage, as always. I will continue using your service for as long as I keep buying houses"

    Ben Wing

    Whether you are a first-time buyer or looking to upgrade to a better home, or remortgage your home to reduce costs and/or raise capital, you can rely on our service to guide you with a mortgage strategy that is right for you.

    How to How to Get Started
    Connect right now to get started...



    Get in touch with one of our independent mortgage advisors via any of the forms on our website.



    We will chat with you over the phone or arrange a meeting.



    We will take care of you throughout the whole mortgage process from the undertaking of paperwork to completion.

    Independent Advice on Mortgages

    The Mortgage Bureau provides individualized mortgage advice that will you suit your requirements. We can weigh mortgages against multiple lenders to reach a financial decision that best meets your buying needs. From the initial undertaking of paperwork right through to completion of the mortgage transaction, you can trust our mortgage brokers and administrators with a professional service.

    Independent of mortgage lenders

    Without favouring any lenders, we offer personalized advice by going through a maximum number of mortgage providers. Our advisers are free to choose between all the various options to get the best product to suit your individual goals.

    Independent of estate agents

    WWithout the interference of all the estate agents, your private and financial information is kept confidential, thereby, placing you in a better position to negotiate the lowest purchase price on your property.

    Independent of life assurance providers

    With access to every single life assurance company; we provide you with custom-tailored protection that matches your needs. Our broker's advice on your protection requirements will cover you for far more by paying less, by having access to the whole insurance market place.

    Get A Whole of Market Comparison

    A simple financial comparison of mortgages can show you why you should never go to your bank for the best offering, without first comparing their products with the rest of the products on the market. With an expert at your side, they can search the whole of the market to get the very best mortgage products available./p>

    So, The Mortgage Bureau will provide you with:

    • A credible service that crafts out a mortgage comparison against your financial goals
    • A money-saving expert that analyses the market by using the latest tools
    • A scour of the small print so that you can find a product that matches your exact needs.
    • A comparable result for fixed-rate mortgages, variable and tracker rate mortgages and offset mortgages
    • A financial mortgage planner advising how to save the most amount of money over the term of the mortgage, with tailor made mortgage cost reduction strategies.
    The Mortgage Bureau

    Customer Testimonials
    Don't take our word for it!

    Find the Best Mortgage Strategy

    Risk Management

    Diving in to secure a deal without a broker can strike a financial blow in the long run. Instead of wilting under pressure, independent mortgage advice makes sure that you have a surplus flow of cash and all the necessary funds available at hand.

    The service of competent brokers includes an exclusive plan to handle your mortgage in a way that will protect you from selling your house in the future. With a broker's advice, you don't have to worry about not becoming a homeowner one day. Moreover, you can find mortgages with a fixed interest rate on your debt to provide you with guaranteed peace of mind with your mortgage payments.

    Furthermore, a professional mortgage broker’s mission also includes ensuring that whatever “curved ball” life throws at their clients, they are still able to maintain your mortgage payments and therefore remain in their property. For example, should you become long-term sick, unemployed or become critically ill, advisors can access the whole protection market place to ensure that their clients have the most suitable product to meet their needs best, to ensure that negative financial repercussions are minimised or indeed fully mitigated.

    Offset Optimisation

    Offset accounts - the best bank's gifts - is a savings account that can free you of payable interest. For every pound into your account, the added interest on your mortgage is reduced. Having an offset account is, therefore, a critical step that can grease the wheels in formulating a mortgage strategy that is free of cash flow risks. It adds rigour to holding down your property and can preserve tax deductions in the future.

    Money Management

    Your ability to manage mortgages significantly improves if you can separate your spending into offset accounts or buckets. It can help you handle budgeting by receiving feedback on different types of your expenditures. By using this system, you can categorise your expenses with the help of weekly feedback.

    A broker can offer tactful money management skills that will help you estimate your expenses and savings to get a real picture of your ability to pay off debt. A mortgage strategy that assesses your investment capability can help you increase your wealth and free you of stress.

    Mortgage Jargon Busters

    A common mistake made by first-time buyers is not to be financially vetted before looking for a house. Therefore, it is pertinent to be acquainted with some frequently used mortgage lingo that lets you ask all the right questions to your mortgage lender. Our brokers are fluent with these mortgage terms to stop you from confusing an intentional misstatement with a real deal.

    • Amortization - how your principal and interest is paid off over the life of your loan in different rates and across different times
    • Appraisal - the amount to the property as estimated by a licensed surveyor and conducted by a lender to find the true worth of the property
    • Annual Percentage Rate (APR) - the cost of your loan including your interest rate; APR helps you in choosing your lending program
    • Experian or Equifax score - this is your credit score that lenders use to determine the mortgage you qualify for
    • Loan to Value Ratio - the amount of money you are lending in proportion with the amount of your money you are investing in a house
    • Pre-qualified vs. Pre-approved - Pre-approved is when a lender verifies your details for a mortgage while Pre-qualified is when a lender qualifies you without verification. Generally speaking, you need to be pre-approved to apply for a mortgage.
    • Mortgage Administrator - an individual that reviews your paperwork details so that you may apply for a mortgage

    News, Updates and more
    Latest News

    Here you will find a selection of articles which we have either published or shared because we think they will be of interest to anyone interested in mortgages.

    Simply click the Read More button to open up the whole article to read. We keep ourselves abreast with the latest developments in the industry as part of our continuous professional development. Sharing that information with our clients seems sensible.

    If there is something that you are interested in and cannot find on our website, please let us know so that we can address it.

    FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

    Contrary to popular belief, a mortgage broker is not just another middleman that is lining up to take a cut. While it is true that mortgage brokers charge a fee for their services, they are some of the most hard-working advisers in the financial business. As their fees rely on matching individuals with lenders, hence, they go above and beyond to find you the best deal.

    Yes, there is no difference between an adviser and a broker. Both of them are dedicated mortgage specialists that have an in-depth knowledge of the market and provide unbiased financial advice. There are three types of mortgage brokers/advisers:

    • One that works for mortgage lenders
    • One that is tied to a list of lenders
    • One that searches up the whole market for a mortgage deal

    Mortgage brokers generally do not provide advice free of cost. Depending on the value of the product or the mortgage you chose, they will charge you a fee for their services. In any case, a paid broker will check through your details to find the best possible deal for you.

    A careful selection of your house, paired with the advice of a mortgage can be a solid investment. Property is marketable, and you can design and decorate it as you see fit without having to answer to a landlord.

    The advantages of homeownership as opposed to renting, are as follows:

    1. You are in control of your finances not being subject to rent increases by a third-party.
    2. Any increase in the property value will become an asset to the client as opposed to a nil asset in terms of living in somebody else’s asset.
    3. Most first time clients choose to cover themselves comprehensively in terms of insurance when they buy a property as opposed to when renting. Therefore clients generally feel more secure once they own the property.

    The disadvantages of homeownership as opposed to renting, are as follows:

    1. Mortgages are subject to interest rate increases; therefore should interest rates rise significantly, this can have a severe impact on the client's standard of living in terms of net disposable income.
    2. The mortgage advisors remit or care must ensure that clients safeguard these interest rate increases in terms of building financial buffers for the future.”

    The experience of using an independent mortgage advisor is usually a very positive one since the broker/advisor is working on the client's behalf and not the lender, therefore the more you can chat to your broker, and discuss your goals and concerns, the more he/she is able to establish your needs and wish list, and match them with the most appropriate mortgage available to suit your needs.

    Hopefully, over the years you will build up a valuable business friendship as your broker continues to review your mortgage on a regular basis to ensure that you always have the best products on the market to maximize any cos reductions on your mortgage.

    Although mortgage calculators give you a steering on approximate mortgage costs, and can be used as a helpful tool in giving approximate mortgage costs over a certain period of time based on a given interest rate, it is just a tool and does not give you exact examples of the various products on the market which are available as mortgage brokers do.

    Your advisor will advise you as to the maximum available borrowing available to you within your financial budget and which lender offers the best deal for your circumstances which will take in to consideration the term of the mortgage, whether the product should be fixed or variable and the duration of the product chosen, whether the client requires complete flexibility in terms of overpayments or happy with certain limits; the level of flexibility the client requires in terms of carrying the product over to a new property should they move home(" Portability") and whether they should take out a Capital and Interest mortgage or interest only.

    These are just a few examples of factors that your advisor will want to assess before making a recommendation.

    Assessing the clients' "Protection" requirements is equally as involved and our professional advisors are in the best place to consult with on these matters, being sensitive to the clients individual circumstances and with the necessary knowledge and interpersonal skills required to fully establish the clients demands and needs and match them with a tailor made solution again from the whole of the market.

    YOUR HOME MAY BE REPOSSESSED IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON YOUR MORTGAGE. A typical fee is £295. Ask for a personalised illustration. The Mortgage Bureau is a trading name of A.M. Mortgages (UK) Ltd. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate some aspects of Buy to Let mortgages.

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