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Our mortgage advisors in Peterborough put the buyer first

Our independent mortgage brokers have been serving property buyers in Peterborough and the surrounding areas for 30 years. We serve as a one-stop-shop for the buyer, seller, lender and estate agent, making us well-positioned to work with the entire mortgage market. We pride ourselves in our independence, which allows us to put the buyer and their needs first.

Whether you are a returning or first-time buyer, our business model is based on establishing and cultivating long-term relationships. We are committed to ensuring that you have the perfect mortgage deal throughout your term. We will periodically review your mortgage terms and explore the market to see if there are better deals for you.

Our Peterborough office is in a prime location near the Queensgate Shopping Centre and accompanying car parks, making it a convenient spot for customers traveling by either foot or car. We work with several estate agents that also have offices nearby. Some of our other local offices are in King’s Lynn, Ely, and Milton Keynes, which could be more accessible for you.

We serve customers from North Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Rutland, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire. Peterborough is 70 miles (110 km) east of Birmingham, 38 miles (61 km) east of Leicester, 81 miles (130 km) south of Kingston upon Hull, and 65 miles (105 km) west of Norwich. There are several commuter areas around Peterborough that we also serve. 

Customers from most surrounding areas can easily reach the city by car, train and bus, so they can be confident that they’ll have access to our mortgage advice and services.

Why choose independent mortgage brokers over a bank?

It can be difficult to navigate the mortgage process, but it doesn’t need to be. Our expert financial advisors are here to help you find the perfect deal for you. If you’re interested in purchasing a new property, contact us to receive the best impartial advice on the market based on your circumstances.

Independent mortgage brokers offer important advantages that make them preferable to working directly with a bank. We aren’t tied to any external mortgage lender or estate agent, which means we put the purchasers first. We also have access to the entire mortgage market, so we can work with multiple lenders to find the best mortgage solution with the lowest interest rates.

Another benefit to working with our brokers is that we protect the financial privacy of our clients to ensure you don’t lose any leverage when negotiating your mortgage deal. Estate agents are often beholden to the sellers, so working directly with them can compromise your standing and put you at a disadvantage. Why not try our Mortgage Calculator to see what your monthly mortgage payments might be?

Our services


When you remortgage a property, you use the proceeds from a new mortgage to pay off the remainder of the first mortgage with a different lender, with the same property as collateral. There is a common misconception that remortgaging means taking out a second mortgage, but this usually isn’t the case.

Remortgaging can be beneficial for some property owners. Some do it to reduce their monthly costs, while others do it to raise capital for another project. But remortgaging isn’t the right move for everyone. The fees associated with remortgaging can be high, so it’s important to seek out the right financial advice to determine if it’s the best move for you.


For buyers who want to purchase a property exclusively for the purpose of letting it out to other tenants, you will need to apply for a buy-to-let mortgage. Buy-to-let mortgages differ from residential mortgages in that lenders use a different formula to determine how much to lend, and interest rates tend to be higher because they are considered to be higher-risk investments.

Not everyone is qualified to apply for a buy-to-let mortgage, so you should contact our expert financial advisors to determine if you are eligible and if it’s the right financial decision for you.


The U.K. government offers various help-to-buy schemes for first-time buyers, which are designed to provide financial assistance to those who want to buy a home. Our expert advisors are familiar with these schemes and have a proven history of getting buyers secure assistance through them. 

With the help-to-buy option, you can buy a 100% share in the property. However, after a certain period of time, you will need to make repayments on the government equity loan in addition to your mortgage repayments, which need to be accounted for at the outset.

We can help you search the market for a good mortgage deal while working with the government to offset some of the costs. Again, not everyone qualifies, so it’s important to contact us so we can assess your financial situation.

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    About Our Peterborough Office

    The Mortgage Bureau has been a mortgage adviser to customers living near Peterborough for 30 years.  First-time buyers, in particular, can take advantage of quotes from the whole of the market rather than being tied to just one source of finance.  All clients benefit from the long-term relationship that includes regular reviews.  This means they can remortgage with a better deal when it makes financial sense for them to do so.

    Our Peterborough office enjoys a prime location not far from the Queensgate Shopping Centre and accompanying car parks. A number of local estate agents with which we work closely are located nearby. Our nearest other offices are in King’s Lynn, Ely or Milton Keynes in case one of them is more convenient for you.

    We serve customers from North Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Rutland, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire from this office. The city is 70 miles (110 km) east of Birmingham, 38 miles (61 km) east of Leicester, 81 miles (130 km) south of Kingston upon Hull and 65 miles (105 km) west of Norwich. Commuter areas around Peterborough include Eye, Yaxley, Whittlesey, Stilton, Crowland, Market Deeping, Wittering, Sawtry, Langtoft, Ramsey, Stamford, Oundle, Warboys.

    Market Days:

    Our office is close to Peterborough City Market. The Market is open on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. The Market is normally closed on a Sunday and Monday. At Christmas the Market is often open additionally on a Sunday and Monday. The Market is normally open on a Good Friday.
    The City Market is located in the area bounded by Northminster (the main entrance), Laxton Square, Cattle Market Road and Market Way which is the pedestrian entrance to the Multi-Story Car Park. Around the City Market is the Hereward Cross centre, Tesco’s Metro, various cafes / shops, the Solstice public house, Sam Jones, The and the Passport Office.


    Peterborough sits just off the A1, so it’s very accessible from all major cities. Once you arrive you’ll find the city remarkably easy to navigate.

    Rail: Easy access with Virgin East Coast Line direct to London (50 minutes), Newcastle, Edinburgh and also to Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester, Derby, Lincoln, Norwich, Ipswich and Cambridge. The railway station is an important stop on the East Coast Main Line between London and Edinburgh.

    Bus: You can get travel advice and National Express tickets, plus tickets for day trips at the Visitor Information Centre on Bridge Street, Peterborough. Free bus timetables and various leaflets on places of interest are available, and you can also get concessionary bus passes.

    Air: Stansted Airport is just over an hour away by car and is on a direct train line from Peterborough. Luton airport is approximately 75 minutes by car.


    Visitor Information Centre, 41 Bridge Street, Peterborough, PE1 1HA, Tel: 01733 452336

    YOUR HOME MAY BE REPOSSESSED IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON YOUR MORTGAGE. A typical fee is £295. Ask for a personalised illustration. The Mortgage Bureau is a trading name of A.M. Mortgages (UK) Ltd. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate some aspects of Buy to Let mortgages.

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